With 3 countries represented, Catalyst’s West Africa Project is pushing back darkness by training hundreds of faithful leaders across the horn of Africa.

West Africa Project has…

  • 380 students

  • 8 training groups

  • 3 countries reached

The NIGERIA project site was established October 2016, and the first training took place June 2017. The first training in June saw over 200 participants during the week. While the strategy isn’t to see how many we can train, the size of this cohort shows the desire and need in this location. They understand the challenge to make disciples of their nation. As part of a church planting network, the leaders we are training present the vision of multi-generational discipleship and church planting. Catalyst is providing training to help move these leaders towards sound doctrine, godly practice, and healthy models of church planting. 

Catalyst training sites are Kaduna Central (Central Site). Kamazo (Kaduna South) and Nasawara (South of Abuja). The training in Nigeria, which started in 2017, has already grown to three sites. In Kaduna Central, Catalyst has completed 2 trainings this year on Disciple Making/Church Planting and Biblical Interpretation. We are grateful because this training has provided the vision has been cast for church planting in Kaduna City and tools for raising up faithful leaders. In the second generation sites of Kamazo and Nasarawa, our regional coordinators, Victor, Hassan and Ephraim along with Catalyst staff have completed 6 trainings. We are excited to see this multiplication of the training and the new opportunities for reaching multitudes through these disciples!

Our plan for 2020 is to finish the training at Kaduna Central with our last two modules and graduate this cohort group. In our second generation sites, we have 6 trainings planned which will allow our group in Kamazo to graduate as well. The project budget for 2020 supports 8 total trainings, 3 regional coordinators, teaching materials for 200 disciples, and the sending of Catalyst trainers.

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One man, Victor Suleman, is the church planting strategist for the District Church Council and has 6 young men that are already in the midst of planting churches. We have a round table discussion to hear their needs, struggles, and successes. This group of men understand the need for faithfulness in carrying the mantle of our training into the highways and hedges of a broken world.

In December 2016, we received a message from a young pastor in the IVORY COAST, James. He wrote the organization to express his need for training in order to complete the ministry the Lord had given him in the city of San Pedro. Because we were not in a position to adopt another new project in 2017, we told James that we could train him using Skype and reevaluate opportunities for residential training in 2018. Since this time, we have been conducting training on a weekly basis with James via Skype and providing instruction on pastoral ministry and harvest church planting. 

The Ivory Coast training has grown rapidly over the past 3 years. With the central site of Yamoussoukro and 2 second generation sites, Catalyst has completed a total of 6 trainings of 155 disciples in 2019. Additionally, the Lord has provided a faithful leader on the ground to begin multiplying women’s discipleship training and serve as a potential new regional coordinator. As we have encountered areas of great need and deep hunger for the Word, the Lord has provided the groundwork for leaders in these 3 different regions of Ivory Coast to be released into the harvest.   

The plan for 2019 is to finish the training at the central site of Yamoussoukro and graduate 26 students. We also plan to continue in San Pedro and Djouke. As an organization, we desire that the Lord provide direction and guide decisions such as strategic movement within a country. In the Ivory Coast we are preparing to complete our training in Yamoussoukro. Late in 2019, an influential pastor who started an evangelical denomination in Abidjan contacted Catalyst requesting training.  While we were in the country in 2019 we met with this key leader, and have decided to consider opening up a training site in Abidjan in 2020. God has been faithful to guide us every step of the way. This potential partnership would give Catalyst a new central site for training and further opportunities to expand in the Ivory Coast.

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Jesus taught that there are four types of soil, describing the hearts of all people in the world. The good soil in produces thirty, sixty, even a hundredfold yield from what was sown. James most certainly describes this good soil. In a recent report, James noted that in one month, he had personally witnessed 20 people profess Christ, found 25 houses of peace willing to receive gospel teaching, trained disciples in his church and a church in another village with harvest church planting principles, and laid the foundation for a new church plant in a community with no gospel presence.

Catalyst was able to visit Dakar for the first time in 2019. This is our main and only training site in SENEGAL. This was started by our Regional Coordinator from the Ivory Coast. We have been working with James to select and place a Regional Coordinator in Dakar. Having completed 2 trainings in 2019, one faithful leader has shown the capacity to be a regional coordinator and begin to multiply the training in this city.

 In 2020, we would like to identify and begin intensely training a Regional Coordinator for Dakar. Our desire is to make two trips and deliver the next two modules of training in Dakar while our Regional Coordinator forms a second generation site to multiply the training.

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Senegal Impact Story

In 2019 while delivering one of our training modules, we had a conversation about the potential of church planting in Dakar. They were concerned because the cost of land and the inability to build within the city limits. We opened a discussion to house churches, and the focus of the New Testament’s emphasis upon that model. The next night during training, the group shared whose home they had already decided to plant. We look forward to hearing more about the impact of this when we are back in country.

West Africa Project Budget